About Us

Qur'an Tongue is an Online website that:

provides  teaching of the Arabic language, the Holly Quran, and the Islam, through the internet. Our target is spreading the Quranic language allover the world, and we pray to God Almighty to help us in teaching Muslims the Holy Quran to read it in the right way, and to recite it at the night and day.

We have qualified teachers who are specialized and highly trained and all of them have the Ijazah in the Holly Quran.

We also have a special section for teaching children the Holly Quran and the Arabic language with a lot of fun and joy so the children never get bored, and we have many student children who had completed the memorization of the Holly Quran and learnt the Arabic language perfectly, through our courses.

We provide some specialized educational programs  in Arabic language that qualify students to speak  Arabic as eloquent as the brilliant leaders of the Arabic language.

 In addition, we provide different courses in all branches of the Arabic language and the Holly Quran.

The study is individually, one-on-one study; the teacher and the student, and at affordable prices.

 And we always offer great deals, and there are special offers for families.

Classes are maintained 24 hours a day, so, each student can choose the suitable time for him and the appropriate timeline he wants, according to his  lifestyle.

Furthermore, we provide a free class for the student to try our explanation ways, and be sure of joining our classes, God willing.

Now go ahead and join us to learn The Holly Quran and the Arabic language at the hands of  qualified native teachers.  Our courses are offered by outstanding native Arab Sheikhs from both genders. They have Ijazah (a certificate indicates that one has been authorized by a higher authority to teach the Holy Quran) with a Sanad connected to our Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ).

This will help our students to have a continuous bond to our Prophet (ﷺ). 

There are specialized programs for kids and adults to teach them how to recite, narrate, memorize, learn Tajweed and have an Ijazah in the Holy Quran.



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